I am a voracious reader who has so far had three careers – Probation Officer, Library Manager and Bookseller. With Sheryl Shurville from Chorleywood Bookshop I set up the Chorleywood Literary Festival and the Chorleywood Children’s Literary Festival as well as setting up an events programme that runs throughout the year. See  www.chilternbookshops.co.uk for the latest news on events.

I have recently retired from Chorleywood Bookshop. So now I have even more time to read! I still do a monthly slot discussing books with Nick Coffer on BBC Three Counties Radio and write an occasional book column for the Watford Observer. I am also involved with 2 adult book groups. Some of the books overlap on these projects to leave time for the normal things like doing the washing!

Professional Reader

I am about to add cook to my list of careers. I worked for a week cooking on a photography course and have three more weeks booked! Great fun!


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