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Coming to the end of a fortnight with a gorgeous granddaughter in Melbourne. We started with a birthday party for her first birthday and today we are going to the beach at Neaumaris, along the coast a bit. The beach is wonderful, soft golden sand and blue sea. A far cry from autumn in Hertfordshire . Have managed to read  lot so watch this space for the next lot of book recommendations Fly home om Friday night via China arriving on Saturday afternoon – curious it took from Tuesday night to Thursday morning to get here. Such is the strange feeling of traveling somewhere with 11 hours time difference.

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New Hope



Me on the right visiting New Hope in Watford to hand over the knitting from the project that was part of the Craft Festival in October.

The Craft day was attended by May Martin and Stuart Hillard from the Sewing Bee which was very inspiring. As part of the day which was sponsored by Trend and Thomas we ran a knitting project, with the object of teaching people to knit and giving them a purpose for doing so. Sirdar and Yeoman Yarns kindly provided the yarn, John Lewis provided the knitting needles and thirteen people provided the labour. Some were new to knitting and some were able to knit but thought it a good idea and got involved. The result – 19 scarves and 12 beanie hats made for New Hope in Watford, a charity that helps homeless and vulnerable people.

My grateful thanks to everyone who gave their time and effort to this great cause. New Hope were thrilled to receive them. I have sent the information to the Watford Observer.