The Moth


I had the most brilliant time last night with Anna and George, two of my grown up  children when we went to The Moth in the Union Chapel in Islington. What a brilliant evening! A range of stories, some funny, some scary and all really interesting and well told. The last storyteller was Jung Chang, author of Wild Swans. It was a privilege to hear her. I can commend The Moth to anyone who likes a good story. The principle is they are all true and all take 10 – 12 minutes to tell.

The Union Chapel is a marvellous venue, beautiful and good accoustics.

You can get podcasts of The Moth. You can find out more on

I first came across The Moth as a book which I reviewed here some time ago. This was a collection of some of the stories that had been told at gatherings of The Moth and which transferred well to the printed page. I thought it wonderful and I have always been a fan of live storytelling. The Moth started in America and was really just people gathering on a porch telling each other of their experiences. The Moth name comes from the idea of moths being attracted to the light.

I cannot wait for the next one

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